You’ve picked a date the event is set now comes the time to decide what type of florals to choose fresh or artificial? let us also let you on a little secret… Add fresh foliage with our real touch and they look even more real! 

Nothing beats the smell and touch of real flowers however in today’s everchanging world we find that the cost of fresh flowers can push your event over budget. Have you ever considered Artificial/ Real touch?

“Aren’t Artificial flowers tacky? “this statement 10 years ago would have been correct however in today’s market the authenticity and range of faux flowers is outstanding. At NPM Events we use high quality faux called real touch which look and feel real and leaves your guests questioning are they real!

So, before you have your heart set on fresh, take a minute and read the below.

1. Always in Season

Probably the number one advantage of having artificial flowers is that they are always in season. Nothing is worse then having you heart set on that beautiful arrangement with Hydrangeas, Peonies and beautiful flowing orchids only to find that they are out of season. Your favourite flowers in your favourite colours there for the choosing…

2. No wilting, No dying they last forever

Heat is a huge enemy of fresh flowers; therefore, the date and location of your event can have a huge impact. Flowers placed out in the heat and it wont take long before that beautiful arrangement starts looking sad. Artificial will be kept looking amazing all day. 

3. Allergy Free

Being surrounded by beautiful flowers on your big day is up there on most weeding planning lists, having your bridal party and guests have allergies to those beautiful flowers is a nightmare no one wants. Artificial takes all of those worries away allowing you and your guests to enjoy the day.

4. Easy to transport

Transporting fresh flowers is an operation on its own. Ensuring the flowers are hydrated, kept cool, secured for transport tight enough not to fall but not so tight they bruise and that’s just getting them to the event in one piece, once there delivered and in you hands the responsibility of keeping them together ready for the event… well with artificial all that worry is taken away


5. No surprises you know what you’re getting

The most valuable reason of all… your flowers for your ceremony and reception will look the same from start to finish. Imagine selecting the perfect arrangement before the day only to arrive and find the colours are not as expected, or the weather conditions have taken there toll. With artificial you know exactly what the colour is and are ensured on the day you get what you planned.

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