By placing an order with NPM Events the Hirer agrees to the following terms and conditions outlined. All items remain the property of NPM Events and are not to be given or sold to other parties.

By processing the deposit, the Hirer confirms they have read and understood our terms and conditions.


These terms are referenced throughout the document.

Term Definition
Hirer Person/s, who is hiring items as part of their own event or authorised to order on behalf of a company
Terms and Conditions Terms of service are rules by which one must agree to abide in order to hire/ use a service
Security/ Bond A Security Bond is to ensure that the Hirer remains liable for any lost, stolen, damaged items in their possession


1.   A 50% deposit is required to secure your booking. Deposits are non-refundable, not transferrable and cannot be exchanged for a credit note on order or other future dated orders. By placing your deposit these terms are deemed to be accepted by the Hirer.

2.  The minimum hire amount is $50 per event.

3.   Full payment is required 15 days prior to event if being delivered or can be processed on pickup with prior discussions. NPM Events Pty Ltd can accept instalment payments and advise you of an invoice # as a reference number for payment. Once the 15 days is due no further changes can be made to removing/ changing hire items as these have been secured for Hirer.

4.   NPM Events accept Bank transfer, cash payments and credit cards. Please note that Amex and Diners are not accepted. You can find our bank details on the bottom middle of our quotations and invoices. All payment made by credit card will incur a 2.2% surcharge.

5. As a security, we require security. NPM Events will require valid credit card to be provided upon collection/ delivery of hired items. Please note this card is not charged unless damages do occur. Rest assured, this information will be kept as strictly confidential. The Credit Card received must be valid and expiry date within hire period.

6.   Hired item(s) will be subjected to inspection upon return. Please note that any damage or breakage to the item(s) will be charged to your credit card in the amount equivalent to the value of repair. In the event the damaged item(s) is beyond repair, NPM Events will require you to replace the item(s) or pay an amount equivalent to the item’s market value.

7.   Site visits to locations/ venues / restaurants are not included in our quoted price. These can be arranged for $150 per hour and within Sydney region. Additional charges apply for outer region and will be quoted based on distance and time.


1. A compulsory Damage Waiver fee of 3% is applied at the time of booking. The Damage waiver covers reasonable wear and tear of the equipment.

2. If there is substantial damage to an item, charges will be applied for the repair or replacement of the item. The damage waiver will be used to go towards to total value and the final payment charged to the credit card on file as bond.


1. All quotations provided by NPM Events are valid for a period of 14 days. This does not secure your items either. Only once a deposit has been made to secure your booking. If quotation days fall outside 14 days, prices may vary and our team will review.


1.  In a situation where the Australia Government of Australia and/or NSW Government cease the ability to carry out an event, example Acts of God meaning “Events outside human control such as flash flooding, earthquakes, virus’s enforcing lockdowns and other natural disasters”, NPM Events do advise our standard non-refunding deposits are still in place but we will work with Hirer to ensure that they still have their special event. NPM Events will use your deposit to move your date to your NEW chosen date and work with you depending on the laws and regulations at the time of event.

2.  No Refunds for cancelled events due to COVID 19 will be issued. A credit note will be provided for a 12-month period and be used to move to the new date.


1.  All hire items remain the property of NPM Events. It is the Hirers responsibility for the items during the hire period which includes from the time given (possession) to returning back to NPM Events.

2.   The hirer agrees to the outlined pick up and returned days nominated in “Delivery & Pickup”

3.   Time of hire cannot be varied unless acceptance by NPM Events is made prior to pick up/ Delivery/ acceptance of goods.

4.   At NPM Events, we pride ourselves and love our collection. To ensure the quality, photos of the items are taken prior to hire and Hirer will sign off to confirm. Upon returning the items will be inspected by the NPM Events Team to ensure returned in the same condition.

5.   All items mentioned cannot be substituted for another item without consent. Your quotation is valid for 14 days from date of the quotation.


Items are available for pickup & returns are listed below.

Our address is Unit 1/26 Whyalla Place Prestons NSW 2170 and also located on your invoice.

Pickups Thursday – 10am-4pm
Pickups  Friday – 10am-4pm
Returns Strictly Following Monday – 10am- 4pm


1.  Our min hire fee for deliveries is $200 and ex delivery fees

2.   Any items that are delivered to a venue/ location will occur an additional fee and price will be advised on application.

  • Extra charges may apply if:
    • You wish for your furniture to be taken beyond ground level of a building
    • Your event space is more than 20m from where our vehicle can pull up (e.g in a shopping centre which is 100m away from the loading dock, or a park picnic area that is far away from where we can enter)
    • If your furniture needs to pass through stairs, elevators, escalators or a steep decent.
    • If you require a large quantity of furniture, a labour fee may be added to cover for staff time taken to load and unload the vehicle.
    • If you require a drop off or pick up outside the hours of 9am-4pm. (e.g night pick up, early morning delivery)
    • If you require a specific delivery time and cannot accept the delivery between the hours of 9am-4pm. Usually a 3 hour time window can be given.
    • If delivery/ pickup falls on public holiday a surcharge of 25% will be added to the total invoice.


1.   Upon completion of hiring, the equipment must be properly cleaned by the hirer. All items that have had liquid, food be cleaned and wiped dry. Please refer to our cleaning guide below. If items are returned uncleaned, a cleaning fee of min $40 will be charged and deducted from the bond or charged to your credit card.

Cleaning fees are based on amount of items returned and hours of labour to clean.

If NPM Events is styling your event, we will take care of the cleaning of all items.

2.  The Hirer is responsible for any loss or damage to the equipment for any reason what so ever except loss or damage which is caused by reasonable wear and tear.

3.  If any damage/ loss has occurred the cost charged is based on current retail value. This will be deducted from the Hirers bond. If the replacement value occurred exceeds the bond made, an invoice will be provided to the Hirer and to be made within 7 days.



Cutlery Cutlery can be washed in dishwasher but must be dried directly after clean. Otherwise, please hand wash. Unless stipulated which NPM Events will advise as quoting stage.
Plates & Glassware Plates can be placed into the dishwasher. If you are hiring our delicate range which has gold or silver rims, please hand wash.
Cake Stands, plinths and props used for food displays Please use spray and wipe and clean with a cloth. These items cannot be submerged in water or placed into a dishwasher
Charger Plates These are decorative items and should not be used as a plate. If items are being hired it’s great to notify the MC to mention this during house keeping. Charger plates are NOT Dishwasher safe and should be cleaned and free of any food if they are used.
Candles At NPM Events, we pride ourselves in providing clean items to Hirers which includes candles. It’s not a pretty sight seeing vases and tealights full of old wax. That’s why our team clean all items
upon return if they do come back with wax.
A great way to avoid charges is to have the candles blown out and rest for 10 mins before moving the candleware off tables.

If you are hiring these items, cleaning fees will be added at quoting/invoicing stage. If you opt to clean the items before pick-up or return, we will remove the charge from the quote with written confirmation.


Carpet Runners
  • No fresh rose petal to be placed on the carpet as these do stain
  • If the ground has been wet leading up to the event, our white carpet is not to be used. If hirer does in deed use the carpet, professional cleaning fees will be charged to the hirer or replacement of carpet if stains cannot be removed.
  • Equipment is to be returned in a dry and clean condition. Cleaning charges may apply if Equipment is returned in a condition we deem soiled beyond ‘normal use’. During the period of hire all damage or loss (other than fair wear and tear and acts of god) is the responsibility of the Hirer and all losses will be charged at replacement value. It must be understood that the Equipment is only intended as a temporary installation and to a certain degree will not safeguard against adverse weather conditions.


  • The MARRY ME Letters are strictly not for outdoor use. If damage occurs, replacement of $3000 will be charged to the nominated Credit Card.


If Hirer chooses to dry hire any of the wooden backdrops, Hirer must observe minimum care requirements for transportation. If using UTE, protective blankets must be brought upon collection to ensure the backdrop doesn’t get wet or damage.

NPM Events reserves the right to refuse release of any wooden backdrop if weather does not permit.


1.  At times, NPM Events Pty Ltd may outsource vendors to complete works at an event. We will stipulate this on the invoice which states “External Vendor.” All external vendors are liable for supplying their own materials, installation and packdown of their equipment. In the event that there is an issue with the services/ stock provided, the external vendor will be directly liable for resolution.

2. If NPM Events Pty Ltd is styling an event, cleaning, delivery and pick up will be incorporated into our fees.

If damage occurs during your event, this will occur damage fees.

Payment fees are below but can accept payment plans and to be discussed with NPM Events direct.

If Dry Hire or styling services within 6 month period

Deposit 50% Payment Terms Payment Due upon Receipt of Invoice
Remainder 50% Payment Terms Due 15 days prior to event date/ or pick up for dry hire

If styling services over 6 month period

Deposit 25% Payment Terms Payment Due upon Receipt of Invoice
Payment 25% Payment Terms Due 3 months prior to event date
Remainder 50% Payment Terms Due 15 days prior to event date


  • NPM Events Pty Ltd are covered for Workers Compensation- Certificate of Currency for policy WC529748157 and can be provided to the venue upon request
  • NPM Events Pty Ltd have $20 Million Public and Product Liability – Policy No. 163397PZBI and can be provided to the venue upon request
  • NPM Events Pty Ltd is a registered Australian Company. ABN 73 601 339 217. ACN 601 339 217.


  • Invoices are set to the date advised as per the agreement. After fifteen (15) days of arrears $39.50 will be processed to each invoice.
    • Invoices over 30 days will incur interest at 10% per annum
  • This fee is charged for contact made and of continued attendance in management of entities overdue accounts. Any non-payment of invoices and non-communication from client will result in accounts sent to our dept collection agency Marshall Freeman.
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