Daniel + Becky

Marriage is a journey that culminates in beautiful moments, and Daniel and Becky’s wedding at The Calyx was a testament to this truth. Nestled within the heart of Sydney, The Calyx made a splendid backdrop for their exceptional day, which was styled by NPM Events with impeccable precision and with flawless execution by For Thy Sweet Love.

Prior to their visit to The Calyx, Daniel and Becky showed their respect for their origins with a traditional tea ceremony at The Langham. This relaxed, yet exclusive close-knit group was a lovely way to say thank you to the relatives and the genesis of the music that had been played for centuries. A simple but still gorgeous venue was created by NPM Events as it was setting up for everyone to sit back and relax. This intimate gathering was a beautiful way to pay tribute to their families and culture.


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The Calyx is found within the stunning Sydney Royal Botanic Gardens, and it was special to Daniel and Becky’s relationship. The Glass walls and arched ceiling of the building allowed the natural beauty of the garden to develop a serene atmosphere both close and contrary to grandiosity. As the guests began to arrive, they were taken through a botanical garden, in fact, every corner was adorned with another floral masterpiece crafted by NPM Events. The airspace remained filled with the fresh scent of the flowers which combined with the romantic feel of the day. The Ceremony, set up by floral pillars, was a replica of the couple’s love, and a sentimental tribute to the special journey of togetherness. There was not a dry eye in the room as they shared vows.


At NPM, we make sure that we match everything according to your inspirations and if not, you are always welcome to schedule an appointment with our stylists to discuss your ideas in detail.


The celebration continued into the evening with laughter, heartfelt speeches, and unforgettable moments on the dance floor. Guests toasted to Daniel and Becky’s future as they enjoyed a gourmet feast that delighted the senses. The evening sky above The Calyx twinkled with stars, a perfect backdrop to the newlyweds’ first dance as husband and wife.

Daniel and Becky expressed their gratitude to their families, friends, and the talented teams at NPM Events and For Thy Sweet Love who planned the entire day to perfection by spending the last few months scrutinizing every single detail and overseeing the program so that every event was executed seamlessly. Even though they were involved in putting together the vendors and monitoring the schedule, they still managed to have fun as the day went by while Daniel and Becky as they enjoyed every moment with their loved ones.

It was a memorable wedding day at The Calyx for Daniel and Becky as it was not just a celebration; it was a fusion of love, artistry, and meticulous planning. From the breathtaking venue to the thoughtful details, every aspect spoke volumes about their journey and the love they share. As the evening ended, the beauty of their day lingered in the hearts of all who attended, a testament to the power of love and the joy of celebrating it in style.


Vendors who took part in making a memorable day for Daniel and Becky.

For Thy Sweet Love

NPM Events

Callan Robison Photography

The Calyx

The Langham

Vicello Strings


HF Wedding Cars

Orbit Motion Weddings

The Crockery Co

Roman and French

Baker Boys Band

Laissez Faire Catering

Connected Live

MBK Make up

Panda Co Events and Catering