Robert + Valeak

Love stories are as unique as the couples they belong to, and when Robert and Valeak decided to tie the knot, they envisioned a celebration that reflected their individuality and love for each other. Enter NPM Events, the maestros of wedding styling, who brought the dream to life at the stunning Burnham Grove Estate for the ceremony and The Highline in Sydney for the reception.  

The Ceremony



The sun-dappled Burnham Grove Estate provided an idyllic backdrop for Robert and Valeak’s nuptials. NPM Events expertly curated an atmosphere that seamlessly blended the couple’s personalities with the natural beauty of the estate. Rows of white wooden chairs faced a simple, yet elegant arch adorned with clusters of blooms in hues that mirrored the springtime surroundings. 


Valeak, radiant in a flowing bohemian-inspired gown, walked down the aisle to the sound of the wind while Robert is waiting at the altar in a stylish black suit, couldn’t hide his awe at the sight of his bride. The ceremony was a heartfelt exchange of vows, laughter, and a few happy tears, creating an intimate atmosphere that resonated with the couple’s closest friends and family. 

The Reception

As the sun set, guests made their way to The Highline in Sydney, an urban-chic venue that perfectly complemented the couple’s desire for a relaxed yet stylish celebration. NPM Events effortlessly transformed the space into a haven of warmth and festivity. Florals cast a soft glow on the high ceiling ballroom and rustic wooden tables adorned with lush greenery and votive candles. 

The Highline’s panoramic views of the Sydney skyline added an extra layer of magic to the evening, creating a breathtaking backdrop for the celebration.

Valeak and Robert later on changed into their cultural attire signaling the transition from the formal ceremony to a fun-filled reception. 

The evening continued with lively entertainment, from Drumless that played the couple’s favorite songs to a dance floor that witnessed laughter, twirls, and unforgettable moments.

The celebration was a perfect blend of casual elegance and genuine joy, a reflection of Robert and Valeak’s love for each other and the life they were embarking on together. 


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