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When we speak of wedding planning, the first few things that come to our mind is the bride’s wedding dress, ceremony site and the reception venue, the wedding planner, the invitations, the flowers for the receptions and so on and so forth. The list continues and as the wedding day comes closer and closer, we’ll realise that there’s so much to do and there’s so much we need.

Weddings are full of excitement, about the preparations and of course the brides dress! But what about the handsome Groom ? The past 18 months we have seen our grooms getting into the spirit of the wedding preparations also. The groom of course wants to look his best and why not showcase the dapper suit purchased also for the big day. NPM Events can style a room at the groom’s home to look classy and show the effort the groom also puts in for his wedding day.

We may hear a little about grooms planning the wedding, but grooms and his groomsmen’s also have some responsibilities to fulfill. The groom with the help of his best man normally takes care of their suits. Some says that the number 1 rule of choosing the groom’s suit is to make sure that it doesn’t overshadow the bride but classy enough to outshine the groomsmen. We all know that the bride should be the most beautiful person on that day and so the groom should be the second. We may know a little about suits and tuxedos but Meijo Exclusive Menswear who’s a specialist in weddings and tailor made suits can help the groom be the most handsome guy on his special day.

NPM Events | Groom's Room

Groom’s Suit: Meijo

Groom Scotch Bar setup: NPM Events

Photography: Siempre




NPM Events | Groom's Room


As mentioned above, grooms and groomsmen have their duties to fulfill. With so many things the bride is taking care of, it is the groom’s responsibility to take care  of some details that also matters for the wedding to be a special one. For example, the groom’s wedding accessories. The wedding is a one-time opportunity for the groom to dress-up to his handsomest form and to accessorise to help him personalise his look.



It’s the wedding day and the groom’s accessories needs to be in place.  Just like the bride’s room, it needs to be in a picture-perfect setup that you will never forget. NPM Events love making sure this happens. We are giving you some ideas on how to make the groom feel special on his wedding day.

NPM Events | Groom's Room

Belts, tie and wrist watch can be neatly placed on top of the Square Mirror Side Table. Comes in small and large sizes. Compliment it with the GPO Retro Phone prop.

NPM Events | Groom's Room NPM Events | Groom's Room NPM Events | Groom's Room


NPM Events | Groom's RoomIncluded in the Groom’s checklist is the wristwatch that completes his attire. This also helps him keep track time and make sure he gets to the ceremony on time. Additionally, a Silver Clock on top of a High Gloss Black Plinth can add a stylist look to the room.

Thinking of a place to keep the shoes? A picture-perfect place for those shoes which can add shine to the moment is our Mirror Plinth and to add a masculine feeling inside the room is our Black Arm Chair.

NPM Events | Groom's Room

Let’s talk about the perfectly pressed tuxedo. We’ve got a variety of Mannequins for you to choose from.

This wedding is a huge celebration, so of course the gents may want to celebrate with a few drinks before the ceremony starts. Before starting a toss for a happy married life, we need to keep those drinks on to our Square Mirror Side Table.

Our newly arrived BAR is now available for rent to add an even more exciting and classy look to the groom’s room. We all know that our men all have something in common and that is they love drinking, especially together. So, while waiting for the ceremony to begin, gents will have a great time hanging around this open Bar.



NPM Events | Groom's Room NPM Events | Groom's Room



While it is true that a wedding is all about the Bride and how to make the event a dream come true for her, we also cannot take out the fact that groom is also as important and his wedding ideas also do matters. Wedding is just the start of a lifelong commitment to love and hold hands together. And we at NPM Events is passionate in making the start of that journey a memorable one. We not only focused on how to make the bride’s dream come true, but we also make sure to make the groom achieve his dream wedding too.

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